About Us

Since 2011 Kids Creative Collective has provided the underserved kids and teens of NYC with premiere TUITION-FREE arts progrmaming IN SCHOOLS and IN PRIVATE WORKSHOPS.

Some core aspects of our work include:​​​


Body Learning

KCC, like many programs in theatre arts, serves all young people, but we have developed an effective way of mainstreaming and socializing children and teens who have special needs, as many of them thrive through ‘body learning.’ We have created curricula which highlights the physical aspects of acting training. This type of work in the classroom, a few days a week, can really offer an opportunity for the children our society labels ADHD or on the Autism Spectrum to put their physical energy to good use, in service of their teachers' learning objectives.

Dramatic Structure

A comprehensive understanding of how the theatre works, how a play is created, story structure, how the professional theatre is structured; these factors enhance how a young person experiences not only a play, but also television and film.


Helping Teachers

We help teachers incorporate theatre into their curricula which allows them to experience their students in a more positive way. Quite often the students who prove to be the most creative collaborators and enthusiastic actors are those who have behavioral issues; a great deal of young people are starved for ways to use their energy to positive effect - especially when the bulk of their education has asked them to sit still behind a desk.

Career Paths

The work of KCC gives teens access to career paths they may not have been aware of; in not only as performing artists, but in production and technical theatre. We also offer internships and connect students with employment opportunities at colleagues' organizations.


Character Education

Collaboration, empathy, discipline, and self expression are the building blocks for personal and collective growth. These are at the heart of what we do with drama education and are more important than ever as our world becomes oriented around screens and computers.

Life Skills

Performance helps children and teens to share themselves and to present themselves with courage and dignity. These skills continue to be of service as they need to present material in schools and in college and job interviews. Making sure the young people we work with understand this practical application is a core component of the work KCC does.

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Improv Group

improv & 
sketch shows

Hire the Professional Actors and Teaching Artists of KIDS CREATIVE COLLECTIVE for your child's next BIRTHDAY PARTY, for a BAR or BAT MITZVAH, for a FAMILY REUNION!

We will create a personalized improvisation show based on your family's interests and the guest of honor's hobbies!

We will hold a fun and bonding theatre games session with the kids - and kids of all ages - in your family! No prior theatre experience needed to be successful and have fun with the games we play!

Your guests will never forget this one of a kind experience at your party. 

$350 for a 45 minute show and workshop - other packages available
Minimum of 3 performers
one 20 minute personalized improv show
one 25 minute theatre games and improv workshop with prizes!

Cool Girl

coaching for
child & teen actors

The Professional Actors / Teaching Artists of KCC will help your professional child or your aspiring child and teen:

We will help choose monologues which will remain fun and engaging throughout months of auditions.

Commercial Copy, Scene & Sides Prep and Cold Readings.

The specific needs of Theatre vs. Film and TV Auditions.

Techniques for being at ease in front of the Camera.

We will come to you, to work in an environment where your child is comfortable or at a studio in Midtown.

$50 per hour. A portion of the fee may be tax deductible.