a shared experience

Zachary Rothman-Hicks, English and Special Education Teacher, HPHS:

"It would be the understatement of the year if I said that I was pleased with how your work is going with my classes. I am beyond thrilled, excited and completely overjoyed by the positive impact you are having on my students. As a special education teacher working in an inclusive setting, I come into contact with a very wide range of students. Kids Creative Collective gives all of these students a shared experience by learning about and discussing literature by experiencing it. You teach my students how to express themselves creatively, that it is all right to communicate, to be human - that in a rough, bustling and hectic city like New York it is ok to reach out and touch someone."


Shaquille B., Summer Acting Intensive, 2013:

"KCC is a great and wonderful place to hone your acting skills, Stacey and Jeremy are great teachers who do a good job of challenging you as an actor. The atmosphere in a KCC workshop is incredible, it will be constant support from the coaches to the students in the class. I would recommend KCC for any aspiring young or old actors, I myself cannot wait to go back because Stacey & Jeremy have showed me how much I LOVE acting and have opened my eyes to the potential I have as an aspiring actor."


Laura O., Student, High School for Health Professions and Human Services, 2017:

"You've inspired me so much in realizing my potential and how fun acting is. Thank you for always bringing  joy to class and giving your undivided attention."

Life Changing

Michael D., Summer Acting Intensive, 2018:

Your class was honestly life-changing; I had never imagined that I would enjoy this kind of study as much as I did. Stacey and Jeremy are amazing acting teachers, dispelling confusion with a word and instilling a resounding passion in the students of my class.

A safe environment

Tiffany T., Summer Acting Intensive, 2015

"My experience with Kids Creative Collective was not only fun and exciting, but also very insightful. Stacey and Jeremy have a keen awareness on how one can improve their character authenticity, were very resourceful and created a safe environment. I look forward to working with Kids Collective in the near future. Thank you for everything."


Paola S., Student, High School for Health Professions and Human Services, 2014

"I really like acting every Tuesday morning with Stacey and Jeremy - it takes my sleep away. You also made me more courageous on stage - I used to be kind of shy, but not anymore. You should be proud!"


What’s the Buzz


Jessica Valentin

November 12, 2018

At the High School of Health Professions and Human Services I studied theatre and acting with KCC from 2014 to 2017. I was in drama club and then Stacey and Jeremy came into my 11th grade English class to help us make theatre out of the books we were reading.

I believe that my work as an actor and theatre maker with KCC helped me when I was in high school and still helps me today. It helped in developing self confidence and in having a creative flow to the madness that is life.

I found out through my years of working with KCC, that I have a creative voice that is a lot louder than I originally thought and that I should take advantage of it. I am currently trying to balance work and art at the same time. At the moment I have a job at J’s Auto Transport. I am not in college right now but plan to go back to school soon. Recently, I have been drawing and thinking about making a DeviantArt. I am also trying to see if I can try and build a modeling portfolio because it something I am recently interested in.

With KCC I performed in the following shows and workshops:

“Origin Stories”​; The HPHS Drama Club presented this collection of original scenes which celebrate our diversity and heritage. The making of the show was a four month process based on interviews with our families that met once a week.  March, 2017.

Three Summer Intensives; KCC’s Tuition Free Summer Workshops, July 2014 - July 2016

“For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf…”; The HPHS Drama Club presented A high school-approved version of the play. December 2016.

“The Reproductive Freedom Festival”; a Live-streamed professional Arts Activism Festival where The HPHS Drama Club presented original theatre we created based on political issues of the time. March 2015.

“The Night Before Christmas”; The HPHS Drama Club presented the magic that is Christmas though a physical theatre piece. December 2015.

My favorite moments that I remember had to be the times before and after shows. Those had to be my favorite moments because all of drama club even the people didn't act on stage would all come around this really old pretty off key piano and sing songs and laugh. We all just ended up having a great time before we went home or got on stage. It was kind of a way to relieve the stress of life in some odd way. At least for me.