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In Schools: Our Mission
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supporting curricula

We work with teachers in bringing their curricula to life. For example, if an English class is reading a novel over the course of a marking period, we work with the students once a week in creating theatre based on the themes of the novel, or we develop exercises which allow the students to feel and experience the themes of the novel, the inherent conflict in the story and the choices of the characters.


creating curricula

We create a theatre curriculum for the entire school year, roughly 24 -32 week plans, tailored to the grade and demographic of students. Our lesson plans include theatre games and improvisation, voice and speech work, scene study, formal theatre rehearsals and eventually build to the children and teens writing and performing their own original plays.

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afterschool programs

We currently run two types of afterschool programs - film / production clubs and drama / devised theatre clubs. Performances and screenings are presented to the school and families throughout the year. Students are given the opportunity to participate in audience talkbacks after these events; it allows them to talk about their work publicly and to share what they have learned.

In Schools: Classes

residency schools

KCC reaches an average of 400 kids and teens each week in NYC schools

MS 898K, The Brooklyn Green Magnet School of Eco-Activism, Brooklyn

September 2022 - Present

6th and 8th Grade Drama Class Electives and End Of Year Production

Manhattan Comprehensive Day and Night HS, Manhattan

September 2022 - Present

Support Teachers of Science, English, Special Education with Original Drama Curricula


Fall 2011 - Present

Drama Club
Senior Drama Classes
Junior English Classes
Freshman English Classes
Stagecraft Classes


Fall 2013 - Present

Filmmaking Club
Drama Club
Weekly Theatre Classes for 6th, 7th & 8th Grades

GOLDstein high school, Brooklyn

Fall 2011 - Spring 2018

Drama Class
Drama Club
Improv and Theatre Games Club

Steven Gaynor school, Manhattan

Winter 2016

Drama in Humane Education Classes

middle school 354, Brooklyn

School Year 2012 - 2013

ELA Classes
Drama Club

In Schools: Events
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