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INVISIBLE THREADS is a multi-protagonist web of a play, with 28 characters and several worlds, spanning 40 years. Devised and fully scripted by the 23 youth actors and 6 professional actors of KCC's Saturday Conservatory, 2022-2023, the play wrestles with the question, 'What is the price of Utopia?'

The play was filmed over the course of three months in the spring of 2023. It will debut online in 2024.


The East Village, NYC:

1984...Elijah is aware of the cruelty of pending gentrification and creates a world where all people can live in luxury...until the corporations purchase it and allow only the wealthy to have access.

2004...Kevin and Luke hack their way into the world Elijah created. Turning the tides of corruption in the city, and allowing Elijah's dream of a utopia for all to become a reality.

2024...A new generation helps to usher in a new way of living where kindness and generosity are the most valuable human qualities.

Check out our trailer, production stills, and credits below!

Invisible Threads: About Us

invisible threads trailer by Cece Singh

Production Stills:

Invisible Threads: Welcome
Invisible Threads: Pro Gallery

creative team:

Brendan Ahmed
Guilherme Cruz
Peg Denithorne
Nicky Faustini 
Tyreek Franco
Nicole Itkin
Naudia Jacob
Janna Khan
Emory Kemph
Stacey Linnartz
Jasmine Meshack
Angelique Murillo
Janat Musitwa
Julia O'Connor
Leyla Polozhani
Jeremy Rishe
Zach Rothman-Hicks
Cece Singh
Jhosia Sostre
Nyla Torres
Arden Traynor
Alex Troshin

Invisible Threads: Text
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