life after.png

Life After

a film / theatre hybrid coming spring 2022

Written by our Saturday Conservatory Enesemble student actors, rehearsed as a play and filmed cinematically, this piece embraces the beauty and longing of youth, the moments we can never get back again, and the love of freindships that never fade.


artistic team


Jhosia Braxton

Nicky Faustini 

Tyreek Franco

Nicole Itkin

Gilberto Martinez

Julia O'Connor


Stacey Linnartz and Jeremy Rishe

Dramaturg and Script Supervisor:

Arden Traynor

Design Director:

Zach Rothman-Hicks

Artistic Consultant:

Peg Denithorne

Assistant Director:

Arden Traynor

Script Written by The Cast and Arden Traynor

Design and Production Team:

Gilberto Martinez

Oscar Williams

Combat Coach:

Tyreek Franco